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HD Video Systems

HD Video Systems

So you might be wondering what exactly is an HD Video System with full HDMI matrix going to do for my video system? This device connects all of your video sources to all of your TVs. So when you want to purchase a new video device like an Apple TV you don't have to buy one for each of your televisions. This device will output your Apple TV to all of your connected displays. This device will allow you to rent less cable boxes from your cable provider and have all of your recorded DVR content follow you from room to room.

So the next time your kids want to play their Xbox in the living room and you are ready to finally sit down and relax after a hard day they can just move to another room and resume their video game without moving any equipment.

Over a period of time there is also a significant cost savings from not having to rent so many cable boxes and buying multiple components for each television. These matrix switches also support full 1080p HD quality, 3D, Dolby Digital, and the high bandwidth HDMI speeds that new components are requiring.

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Smart Homes & Control Systems

Automation Controller Smart Homes have become increasing popular of late and you might be wondering how this technology can benefit your lifestyle. Are the type of person who likes to have control of all the amenities of their house with one very intuitive interface? Imagine controlling your lighting, thermostats, TV, Music System, Garage Doors, and Security System from one device. Then imagine controlling all of those components from your Cell Phone, Tablet, Computer, or In-wall touchscreen. A well integrated control system can truly make your home "Smart".
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