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Media Rooms

Media Rooms

Media rooms are a great addition to any home. It is a great space for you and your family to enjoy a movie theater like experience without the hassle of going to the theaters. So many advances in the field of home electronics in the past years have made these rooms sound phenomenal, have massive amounts of streaming content available, and still remain easy to operate. A system that used to require a PHD in computer science is now easily operated with one intuitive remote control.

This same remote control can also control the lighting scenes around you and even the temperature of the room. It is something that truly has to be experienced to be believed. We have the following 3-step approach to how we develop your system.


During the design process we will meet with you to evaluate the space that you have chosen for your media room. We will analyze it for optimal sound quality, lighting level, viewing distance, and seating arrangement. During this design phase we will put together a list of required components to execute your desired goals. Also, a prewiring diagram will be implemented for your dreams to become a reality. Once we prewire the room we will move onto the installation phase.


This is the process where you start to see the room come to life. We will begin installing the equipment that you have selected. Configuring your components for the best picture and sound quality. We will also be designing the lighting scenes that will give your room the "Wow" factor. We truly integrate all of your devices into one easy to use system.


After we have configured all of your equipment to peak performance we will begin the process of teaching you all you need to know. We will teach you how to operate your equipment like a whiz.

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Automation Controller Smart Homes have become increasing popular of late and you might be wondering how this technology can benefit your lifestyle. Are the type of person who likes to have control of all the amenities of their house with one very intuitive interface? Imagine controlling your lighting, thermostats, TV, Music System, Garage Doors, and Security System from one device. Then imagine controlling all of those components from your Cell Phone, Tablet, Computer, or In-wall touchscreen. A well integrated control system can truly make your home "Smart".
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Speakers & Audio A great set of speakers can really bring home that movie theater type of experience. But, a great speaker system also needs to be well thought out. From the positioning of the speakers, the room size, construction material, and more. Elite Smart Home offers many types of speakers to accommodate all of these different types of scenarios. From space saving in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. To high-performance speaker-bars that match the TV's dimensions.
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